Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz did all he could on festival: 3 firework firings within one Lotro night, then invitations, sparking interest and even “give this item to other NPC” quests in Combe. Now I have 40 tokens and would use them to barter yet another Anfalas starlit crystal. That would be 5 – some 30% of number, needed for one weapon.

Stormsong turned in another group of task items. Now,only ~2000 experience points are between me and Kindred with the Rangers of Ithilien. Deposited all remaining Pitted swords, Shattered Hatchets into shared vault. Also, was very happy to help kinnie with Evendim instance – one with super big turtle. It was a festival of AoE attacks, my Minstrel was really satisfied.

Xinderbor reached level 9 by Festival quests alone. Nice to work such way – after festival, will move her to Ered Luin and farm Turbine points.

In short, things are going good. Stormsong (if she remembers to do Dol Amroth dailies) would grind enough to : a) reach lvl.105; b) gather tons of Dol Amroth tokens to barter stuff for Vytautaz; c) grind enough task items for Nakties karys. The only not-too-good thing is featured instance, everybody does it and new instances. Nobody talks about Sambrog or other instances, very rarely we hear about Pelagir.

And so the day has ended – quite good and effective in Lotro.