Lord of the rings online

Had little time to play. Logged in Vytautaz, did as many festival quests as I could. Invitation quest was progitable – earned some 4 or even 5 tokens (at the cost of envelope grind, but there were too little players collecting them). Now I am at some 20 tokens – maybe 20 left for yet another Anfalas starlit.

My path is clear: wait for festivals, grind for starlits thus preserving valuable Merit stars / Dol Amroth gold tokens or simple gold. 28 Anfalas crystals form minimum and for the begining I need at least 14 crystals for the start.

Xinderbor did some festival quests too. I hope she will grow up to lvl.9 with festival quests only. And if she gets enough tokens – well, barter one simple Essence removal scroll.

Featured instance this week – The haunted inn. Yet another paid instance made “featured”. It is very rare that I can run any instance these days. Everybody does new ones + featured. No Pelagir, no Sambrog. Yesterday I was happy enough to run Pelagir duo (and get only merit stars + trash jewelleryL: greedy Pelagir citizens!).

And so the day has ended – quite grey in Lotro.