Lord of the rings online

Many activity with almost all my toons.

Stormsong: did as much festival quests as she could, then went shopping: all festival mounts, all festival mount cosmetics and I even had some tokens left. Then – task items, Dol Amroth dailies. Also, helping kinnie with lvl.45 Great Barrows. We did quite well, he (minstrel too) survived and we did many many AoE screaming. Minstrels for the win!

Naktieskarys: crafted lvl.75 second age weapon for one kinnie. As everybody knows, if you want quality, go for Dwarf crafter. Surprise: I found that I lack lvl.85 first age symbol.

Vytautaz: started doing festival quests in order to get valuable Anfalas starlits. For some reasons had some tokens from previous festivals: bartered 3 crystals, then grinded for 1 more. Well, the bad is 1 imbued weapon requires some 14 crystals…and I would have to imbue 2 weapons + use 3 crystals on bridle. Bright side is – I will make Vytautaz primarily target to grind festival tokens. He does need every single token. For this, bought festival fireworks and within 1,5 days completed Master Launcher deed (+some tokens). It means only one thing: grind as much as I can, ignore all other barter things, get as many Anfalas starlits as possible. Yesterday ended with some 10 tokens: 30 more to go.

Ahelissa:was happy enough to aid one kinnie with crafting materials and also explain Kinship policy: everything is for free, unless item is very rare.

Xinderbor: did many quests in order to level up (and grind tokens; perhabs would barter essence reclamation scroll).

There are many good things: I have many many things to do; I get materials I need and enjoy festival; I helped kinnies with crafting and fighting. One kind player donated XInderbor a quality lvl.10 mace.
Some bad news: house decoration maps now are lvl.15 to use them for deed; I would have to spent countless time in grinding Anfalas starlits.
Some neutral news: Halls of Night (featured instance) and Harlond are only 2 instances ran almost round the clock by Kin. Let us hope next featured instance would be something I have…

And so weekend has ended, I felt quite satisfied and happy in Lotro.