Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was busy with festival quests. Arrived home earlier – so spent two Lotro nights launching fireworks, then making one Sparking interest and Invitations run. Before runs I had 98 festival tokens, after runs – some 114. Invitations quest was a “greedy” one, awarding me with just one extra token.

Turned in task items for Rangers of Ithilien. I will still lack some and it looks like I would be forced to use all task items I preserved for future. Dol Amroth dailies were not run.

Instead, made some runs. First, lvl.100 School. It was quite nice and fun, loot was just some coins (worth 1 gold). Then, I helped kinnie with spirit slayer deed in Haufth iarcith. It was really fun, I and another lvl.50 Minstrel just blasted everything around us. AoE attacks were just nice. Finally, we finished those spirits, I looted some reputation items and sellable trash.

Then, we ran Siege of Gondamon, lvl.32. It was really nice – one, two, few AoE and things done. After that – Trouble at Tuckoborough, once again a festival for Minstrel’s AoE. Very quick, very effective.

Then I had to log off and go to sleep. I felt satisfied: I was effective with Festival, I was really good at instances and yet managed to help kinnies. The day has been superb in Lotro.