Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was the only active. Once again, festival and my standard practice: 2 fireworks deeds at Lotro night, then Invitations and Sparking interest quests, then – if I am lucky -wait for night and get at leasy 1 run. Invitations quest brought me one extra Anniversary token. Other worked as intended and I ended up with some 69 tokens (started with 56). Quite good, have to admit.

Also, ran DA training, turned in task items for Rangers of Ithilien faction. Thought to run some instances, but alas – Featured instance changed, now it is Hall of Night, one I should purchase. Of course, I won’t purchase, new content is absolutely not worth of it and won’t pay off even if you create an army of alts.

Kinship runs new instances almost round the clock, so no Pelagirs / Schools.

Managed to help one kinnie: he needed lvl.60 First age Legendary weapon, barterable only for Bright emblems of Nimrodel. I had 7, so got him Hunters crossbow for 6 emblems. At least some use from this stuff.

And so the day has ended, quite nice in Lotro.