Lord of the rings online

Lotro’s anniversary festival goes just good. I keep up working with fireworks (experiencing lags many times), catching letters and overall grinding tokens. I started with some 5, now I have 56.  One Lotro night – some 4 tokens, then invitation quest – 2 tokens.

Kinship is very active with new instances. Sometimes they run featured instance (lvl.105). Once I asked for Pelagir and we did  quick, effective run with platinium outcome. Few times I fought in featured Ost Elendil, mainly acting as healer. Did not as for feedback, but am guessing my heals were effective, especially AoE ones.

In featured instance I am getting some new type of tokens; one time got Anfalas starlit crystal and scroll of emopwerement. One shield for lvl.104 (and then one for lvl.105 donated by kinnie). One kinnie (our officer) gave me lots of empowerement scrolls. I wish I could repay Kinship with something.

Naktieskarys bought Festival mount – local goat – and one Moria map.

Logged in my TP grinder, Xinderbor. She tried to use maps at lvl.7 – and to no results. Do they have a minimum level to start?

Overall, weekend was very succesfull. Good to resume instances with the Kin and to (slowly) make my way to lvl.105.