Lord of the rings online

We have Anniversary festival! Finally. This time we have Anfalas starlit crystal (40 tokens) and essence removal scroll (60 tokens), as well as mounts. Kinnies tell that goat is worth bartering. Well,that mean lots of grinding – but I will do it.

Epic quests in Minas Tirith are complete disaster. Minas Tirith itself is…well, put all Middle Earth, increase 2 times, add labyrinths made with no sense, make everything in, say, 10 levels connected without any sense…and don’t forget about lag. Then you will have Minas Tirith.

Quests are really worth of this stupid place. Go to person A – oh well, run run run 3 levlels below to meet person B. You met it? How nice, rush to the top to meet person C.  Met your person C? Good, now go to meet person D at the other side of Middle Earth Minas tirith.

Quests without sense. Quests that I do not bother to read at all. It’s like installing known software: yes-yes-ok-agree-next-next-next-finish.

And help. I was a bit desperate to find those cursed NPCs and there was nobody to aid me. Kin, regional chat, players I met. After some 10 tries one kind Dwarf (of course, only Dwarf, the most intelligent and nice folk in Middle Earth) helped. Also, there were no Pelagir runs, only new instances.

And so the day has ended. A bit grumpy and a bit hopeless with MT. Even rewards for epic quests were miserable: major essences of will/vitality, 2-slotted armour (when I have 4-slotted). I felt unhappy with Lotro.