Lord of the rings online

Stormsong grinded Scholar materials, got to some 1330 / 1680 crafting mastery, ran Dol Amroth training exerxice, turned in few task items at Arnath…and had nothing to do. Kinship, after all, was running new instances almost round the clock.

Since Pelenor fields were near, i thought to do epic. Introduction to Far Anorien. Quest was simple:speak with NPC at Minas Tirith. Ok, let us mount warsteed and ride.

This was one mistake. This area is very laggy and sometimes I froze, sometimes I noticed enemies appeared out of nowhere, everything was loading slow…Somehow I managed to get to Minas Tirith alive. Evil NPC send to another. This one send me to some grumpy maze-like forest. I ran on warsteed, got killed (thanks to falling from bridge), got lost and there were too little players to ask help for. Finally, found one, spoke with one chieftain and my introduction was over. I stood in the middle of grumpy forest, full of enemies and knew I should go to Minas Tirith for epic quests.

Anorien is just a failure. Nothing captivating, no thoughts “wow, I have to return there”. Only running forwards-backwards and lag. I am doing it just because it is something to do. Rewards do not bother me, quest text too. All I need is to finish it as soon as possible…and wait for lvl.110 to appear.

Then and ony could I enter otherwise impossible Ostgiliath and finish this epic grumpyness.

And so the day has ended.