Lord of the rings online

We had one rare, sad event. One Kinship member was expelled from The Family. It’s extremely rare event. I knew that kinnie, we spent some time questing together. Of course, that was the news of the day. A pity, but let us hope he would find his own place in Middle Earth.

Stormsong harvested Scholar materials, due to lag got few times killed. Then made some crafting, slowly advancing towards Anorien top crafting. Ran training exercise, getting some Swan Knights barracks tokens (in fact, I do not need these tokens, only golden and silver pieces).

Then – Pelagir run, everything was just perfect and I received platinium. Rewards were just the ring (not, not The One!) and Stars of Merit. I care little about these merit stars, since Update 18 introduces Anfalas starlit crystals as festival rewards.

And finally, Tarlag Crown quests. We were three – Guardian, Champion and me. I was told to remain dps, since “we do not need heals”. We needed some heals when ran into problems. Few problems were my own fault, I attacked monsters I shouldn’t. Unfortunately, things came really bad later – I was killed time after time, one time retreated too early and faield to finish quest. After God know which defeat in a row – left fellowsip and retreated to Dol Amroth. Now i have 2 more quests to finish in TC and I could forget this place for good.

The days are kind of good (yet boring) in Lotro. I go to farm Scholar materials, kill almost every Orc there (except groups, they hit hard). Then I rush to neariest town, turn in task items, recall to Dol Amroth, do training, then repairs, maybe – crafting. And that’s all, unless someone organizes Pelagir (which is rare, everybody is trying new instances).

Lotro, Lotro, give me some fresh ideas about non-grind activity that could actually be fun…