Lord of the rings online

Stormsong was the only active. Gathering Scholar materials near Arnath. Seriously guarded area, full of ranged, melee and just wandering Orcs. Almost every single step must be calculated, almost every group should be eliminated in order to step one step forward. Kind of hard area. Nevertherless, managed to gather some materials, some came as loot from monsters.

Then I crafted, almost destroying my crafting tools – and making my way to some 600/1700. One freebie came to great use: crafting accelerator for 1 minute. Made >100 stuff within that minute.

Then I had one thought about Ostgiliath. Since it is impenetrable from its own side – I thought if could be entered from Minas Tirith side. Wikipedia disagreed with this. Asked kinnies: answer was “no”. Once again, I stand before closed doors. It’s like somewhere a great party is going on and everyone is invited – except you. You are the only one not invited, the only one who has every door shut before you.

Wiki wrote about nice rewards from long epic line, involving Ostgiliath. I felt sad: everything was NOT for me. Impossible to enter and hence impossible to finish. Kinnies told they could summon me…but what’s the point from summoning if I am expected to enter it solo?

The truth is, for me it is not soloable. To enter Ostgiliath, one needs to clear all monsters at the same time – which requires at least 3 players for one monster (tank, ranged unit and healer). Then, you can enter, clear all monsters, rush forward…and so untill reach culverts. Or you should have, say, 1 million health points. Or armour that reflects damage.

The future seemed dark for me. I was left with Scholar materials grind or Dol Amroth daily grind. Or log in Vytautaz and grind hundreds of monsters in Great River. Everything is half-hopeless and related to grind only.

Kinship is active, running one instance after another, almost everybody purchased new content and runs new instances as well as old instances at lvl.105.

And so the day has ended: half-grumpy in Lotro.