Lord of the rings online

My trip to Europe (Poland-Czech republic-France-Germany) took some 7 days and is over. Felt a bit tired, but full of good impressions and made >500 photos. Strassbour, Bremen, Prague made really great impressions.

Meanwhile in Lotro. We have Update 18, called Battle of Pelenor fields. Now level cap is 105, we have several new instances (no Big Battles). We have lvl.105 essences that can be slotted to lvl.105 jewellery/armour. And – surprise, surprise – armour occasionally drops at new instances. Same grind that would force me to destroy any lvl.105 essence should I get one.

New instance price is 2000 Turbine points which is heavily overpriced. I would pay some 50 Tps for it, maximum 200 – not more. Overall, I am not satisfied with it. After Eastern Gondor there is nothing to do in new regions.

Stormsong made few Pelagir dailies, then tried to farm Scholar materials. One try was almost failure, another one was double failure (killed 2 times in a row)…then had to travel to one Orc infested city and farm. However, farming goes too slowly. One risky run, calculating every single step – means some 30 Anorien texts. And I need great many of themn, at least 500. Too boring, sometimes killing monsters is best option to farm crtafting materials.

Stormsong also took part in Pelagir duo, received Tome of Will 7 from kinnie. Naktieskarys farmed prospector crafting materials, did one Pelagir run.

Vytautaz finished Beast slayer of Great River, now have to do Orc, Shade, Brigand, Easterling slayer (and possibly Spider, but this is too grindy). Of course, would need Kinship aid with Limlight Gorge quests (explorer deed finished, yay).

I am feeling a bit strange. Except of grind, there is too little to do. Kinship organizes lvl.105 runs,. but I am not lvl.105 and I won’t get lvl.105 normal in anuy way. Nor would I have hundreds of thousands gold to buy armour and supreme essences. Which means I should totally ignore these new features.

And so the weekend has ended, half-good, half-grumpy in Lotro.