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Lord of the rings online

One week vacations – going to visit Europe with group of friends, so – would be offline.

Meanwhile Vytautaz quested in Great River. I tried to kill every single deedable monster, explore everything. Looting all task board items I could take – later, would use everything to gain quick LI xp.

Finished with some Epic quests – and soon I understood I was in my favourite Rohan, full of monsters and secrets. No no, I was not ready for Rohan: Great River not finished yet, my weapons not fully upgraded. Had to move back to Great River.

Great River is nice. Almost all slayer deeds are doable if one has some patience. Exploration is almost non-problematic. The only exception in Limlight Gorge, but thart’s another story. Story telling is just nice – you see monsters nearby, Grima’s treachery lurking in the shadows, you see men fulfilling and breaking their oaths. That’s just great.

Deconstructed some of my Legendary weapons, equipped with other ones. Now, my strategy is clear: fifnish all deeds in Great River, maybe even upgrading LI’s minor legacies – and after everything is done (including last task board item used) – finally, move to Rohan for warsteed and great adventures.

And so, short weekend has ended. At Monday we expect Update 18 – so my impressions would be almost week later….