Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz continued adventures in Stangard. Providing horses/men with rations. Ensuring monsters are killed (lame guards won’t do a thing). And yes, twisted politics. Grima’s envoy, grim situation in Stangard, finally – confrontation with bad guys + restoring normal people to rule Stangard. Met a pair of majestic Landrovals, listening to their voices.

Slayer deeds are progressing: i just kill everything deedable, especially spiders. Orc slayer deed – finished, beast slayer – advancing, even Shade slayer deed is on its way. Quests and deeds improved my reputation:no need to use taskboard items.

Great River is nice for me. Green, full of quests and dangerous Limlight Gorge (but where else would you see sooo overgown Treels/Trolls?). It’s also prelude into peril that awaits Rohan. Grima’s agents are everywhere, many monsters, some canibalistic ones. Majestic Landrovals, not so majestic Orcs and grumpy Shades. Story that is quite nice. Of course, Rohan is better, Rohan is just the best.

Today would probably be the last serious play – then, one week vacation. Poland-Czech republic-France-Germany-back to Lithuania. Almost one week without Lotro: but I guess, game would survive without me. Evn one of my friends that left Kinship officer position would (probably) survive…

And so the day has ended. Next text – tomorrow and then – some period of silence.