Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz finally moved to Great River. It’s high time before I go to vacation and would be offline for 1 week.

Great River is a nice region – green, full of Rohirric motiffs and a sense of danger. At least in Standgard, where envoy of the Theoden King (well…in fact one of Grima) does everything he can to sabotate defenses. And it is up to me to dio things right: gather grass for horses, seed some vegetables and so on. I enjoyed this, as well as flow of LI xp.

Slayer deeds are going well. Now, I am not in a hurry and can afford killing every single wild animal or orc or evil spider I meet. Exploration may be a bit slower, especially one of Limlight Gorge. I already finished one (exploration?) deed and got increase of virtue I have equipped. Quite nice,, have to admit.

Stone of Tortoise is great. I can get some nice aggro and not overgrow region. i also do not rush with reputation (task boards), since I get enough with quests. And well, monsters enar Stangard drop trash loot, not needed for local taskboards.

Overall, I am satisfied with this region. It’s nice, there are enough enemies and deeds to keep me busy and quests are really epic. Life is good once again in Lotro.