Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz finally finished one exploration deed in Misty mountains, started Troll slayer (ouch…). Then, I asked kinnies for lvl.75 Sambrog run. We had one lvl.100 Guardian, lvl.84 Minstrel and me, lvl.75 Champion. The fuight was hard, we had too many aggro, Minstrel was lagging, I was killed 3 or 4 times, my attacks sometimes dealing almost no damage. Yet we were victorious…with no loot. Some trash equipment, that’s all: no status tomes, no crystals. I was disappointed.  Ran lvl.50 School just to finish some deeds: loot was of zero importance (but one deed was finished).Also, bought lvl.75 crystal on AH and used it on my Legendary rune.

Naktieskarys ran School and Library, trying to loot lvl.75 Crystal, but to no results. Only one piece of jewellery and few trash things. Oh, and Naktieskarys is very low on imbued LI status. Still need lots of Empowerent scrolls (which I can’t afford).

Looks like my Vytautaz has to go to Great River:turn in last Dunland task items and move to new lands.

And so, the day has ended – quite normal in Lotro.