Lord of the rings online

Withywindle, Silverlode are no more. My sad Xgrinder, like captain of Titanic, entered eternal life in Archet, the same town where my journey began. Farewell, my old good Withywindle.

Meanwhile Vytautaz turned in some task items in Galtrev and then joined Kinshop run in Misty mountains: we killed many giants. We had many lvl.100s, few – lvl.40s and 50s and probably one – mediocre, lvl.75 (me). Everything was going perfect, we just ran, killing bears, giants and repeating again. Result – Turbine points and Zeal virtue (now at 16, yay). I lack only exploration of th Giant area, but this I can solo.

Stormsong took part in Pelagir run. Things were going nice, I was doing needfull, yet dull duty: guarding fountain. Yes, my traps worked perfectly, barricade was upgraded and sometimes monsters were killed before I could even see them, yet I was alone when my friends were doing serious battles. However, Pelagir run was perfect.

Then, I asked for help in Tarlag’s Crown. People decided we won’t need heals, so we went for some risk. Many quests were completed, some remains. I do have some TC quests to do…and then I would really forget this evil teritory for good.

And so the day has ended – quite good in Lotro.