Lord of the rings online

Our Kinship has a new leader: Descartes is the Leader. Some other officers were assigned to new duties (like keeping an eye on Kinship house chest). Rumours are of some demotions (but well, one has to visit Lotro…).

Vytautaz resumed Eregion slayer/exploration deeds. No, I did not need them, but anyway: all were finished. Even lizzard slayer: earlier I used wrong place – had to use one cave at Walls of Moria.

And then it was Xgrinder at Withywindle server. I knew, April 4th was closer, so I needed to adventure and grind as many Turbine points as possible. Went there and here, killing orcs, turning in task items, even looting stell key and opening lootbox (mostly trash inside). Some class deeds were finished, for some I just lacked few days of work. Bartered some lvl.20 armour for marks (these are server-wide, so I’ll lose them anyway).

And then I returned to Archet. To the place where all began and where my toon would end. Like old good captain of Titanic, I had memories and feel sad that this world would be no more. My first Kinship there, first askings for help, first instances and Big Battles – all would be gone and left in memories.

Good-bye, my good Withywindle, I was really happy there, you are like first love: something one should never ever forget. Something like ancient jewellery – maybe not too shining, but valuable and full of memories.

Oh yes, Vytautaz’ deeds: used slayer deed accelerator, finished Scholars of Angmar, some other slayer deeds. Ran also Library at lvl.50, looted lvl.65 crystal. Nowhere to use, gave away to kinnie: he would use for alts or for other kinnies. Vytautaz is now parked at Galtrev: turning in task items, then he would move to Great River.

Naktieskarys ran Library and School instances, looting 1 piece of lvl.75 jewellery and some LI experience runes.

Other news – one kinnie is probably leaving Lotro: travelling to some country and not sure if he would have quality internet there; and there were many runs in new instances…no in Pelagir. A pity, soon I will need many Anfalas starlits, many scrolls of empowerement.

And so weekend has ended: a bit sad, but overall – good in Lotro.