Lord of the rings online

Kinship is still without formal leader, but our Officers will soon elect new one. Currently we are joking like “make NN leader, he is the king of spam…”.

Vytautaz continued boring epic quests – this time finally enterted Forges of Tham Mirdain, killed local Orcs and Angmarims, disicovered Ring lore…and had to oversee fall of Amarthiel. Now, she is Narmeleth and guess I would be travelling forwards-backwards discussing her fate.

While running to decide her fate (which is known and will end in death), made one School of Tham Mirdain run with lvl.83 kinnie. Sometimes it was not too easy, loot was non-existent (I was expecting jewellery or smth nice)…but yet we had some fun.

And then it was Fornost:Shadow Wing run. Level 100 run. One Guardian, One Champion, 2 Minstrels (one healer, one dps) and some 2 Hunters. I expected fun…but what we get were instant troubles and defeats. I died too many times, equipment near to being destroyed…after one wipe, I had to leave.

I left dissatisfied and frustrated. My dps were of almost no use (some simple, non-named mobs did not receive any damage). Maybe he had too many light armours. Overall, it was probably my last run of Fornost. Why not do, say, Pelagir or Sambrog?

And so the day has ended, half-good in Lotro.