Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz continued epic quest. Go to Celondim, then do some other stuff, move to Forochel and try to sabotate Angmar’s efforts…only to find they have slain one Dragon and will use his skin in the Forges of Tham Mirdain. The only use from this were Gauredain: now i have some 96/300 killed.

Then back to Elrond, some chit-chat and finally – redirection to Tham Mirdain. A good news for me. First – Scholars from Angmar deed that contribute to Discipline. Second – exploration of Eregion (TPs). Third – wolf and warg slayer that counts towards Discipline. One short stay – and I am stronger than I was.

Forgot to mention:one kinnie sent me a full set of Great River armour. Now i am more powerfull + look more fashionable. I’m not sure anybody will every beet Nazgul’s houte-couture, but still….

The only thing that bothers me are Legendary weapons. Still have some super-lame legacies and need to replace these. My weapon should be top level one, I would need it to survive Great River and at least – start of Rohan.

Stormsong took part in Pelagir 6-man run. We messed up with one side quest, hence only Gold reward. Still, got lvl.100 First age symbol and few essences.

And so the day has ended – short, yet good in Lotro.