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Lord of the rings online

We have received an in-Kinship mail. Everyone in Kin. A mail from our leader, Taltoz. He told he is leaving, wrote us many nice words…and today ne is not Kin leader. Or Kin officer. Or Kin member. He is not on our server and even his blog is gone.

I really feel sad. Taltoz was the one who brought me to this Kinship. One who cared about everyone. Always helpfull, always ready to advice, to aid with whatever happens. For me, he was the best Warden class expert. If there was something about Warden  – then only Taltoz was an expert.

And now it’s gone. I would miss our Boss (as we called him sometimes), his great skills at organizing stuff and the skills of real leadership.

I won’t ask questions as about – why leave so soon, leaving nothing behind?  There probably were important things – though I wished he remained in Kin, logging from time to time.

Most Kinship members were saddened too, it is a blow to us – but we still are The Family, we have each other, we help each other.  Taltoz has shown how true leader must look like, what he has to do – we just need to follow.

Other than these sad news – my Vytautaz continued to slay Bog lurkers in Lone lands. Formed a group with one kinnie (lvl.33 Burglar), so we finished with lurkers, then moved to kill Trolls. These were easy, we both finished our Troll slayer deed (adv.). I was satisfied to be of some help to the Kin.

Also, did some epic quests, running after ring Narchuil. Was really happy when quest  brought me to Celondim, Bree – old good places. I think it is a good strategy to keep players returning.

And so the (sad) day has ended. Taltoz, if you read this – we will miss you.