Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz finished simple Wolf and Crawler slayer deeds…and started advanced ones. 240 wolves and 240 crawlers to go – all in the name of 1 usefull virtue to increase by 1. And since it needs to advance from 8 to 14…

Grouped with one friendly lvl.87 Warden. Killed some wolves too and we were effective.

Pelagir 6-man run, my Stormsong was effective too, placing traps and nuking anything. Rewards were only Merit stars, but these are valuable (Anfalas starlits to barter!).

Next stops, Lone lands: bog lurkers and some others. Long long grind to max anything…and move to Great River. As they say, “where there is a whip (will), there is a way”…

Things are a bit grindy, but still good in Lotro.