Lord of the rings online

Deeding in Trollshaws goes nice. Finished deed to complete quests. Finished exploration deed. Finished Wigh slayer (easy at night). Looted many local reputation items to sell at AH or give away to kinnies in need.

Now I have two evil deeds: crawlers and wolves. Crawlers are lesser evil: wolves are the problem. To make things more funny, started resuming quests in Trollshaws. One of them should lead me to cave with crawlers near Rivendell.

I am waiting for Trollshaws to end. Then – moving to Lone lands. Bog-lurker slayer, single and advanced, Troll slayer simple and advanced, some exploration.

Of course, I have to talk with local Rangers, pursuade them to leave with Aragorn, would have to make some choices (“Noobish NPC should go/should stay” – and I always vote to go. World is just better without lame Rangers).

We talked a bit about Tower of Orthanc. I deem it impossible. Kinnies tell me my healing Minstrel did good (heck yes, I tried all my best!), but it does not matter. If raid wiped every single time it launched – something went wrong.

My situation in Lotro is pretty simple: preparing for Great River and Rohan. Need to max up all “virtues”, try to improve Legendary weapons and leave to Great River.

And so, the day has ended. last two grinds in Trollshaws…