Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz finally finished Enedwaith. Evil Cuthraul and Wood trolls were done, partially with some help (one wandering lvl.100 Minstrel).

I moved to Trollshaws. Finished Troll slayer, Giant slayer, Worm slayer, am on my half-way to completing Wigh slayer. Of course, I still have to do Crawler and Wolf slayer – something very grindy and time consuming. But, as they say, “where there is a will, there is a way”. One just has to have patience to grind. Yes, 12 wolves at one time is not much. yes, it’s very little when compared to few hundredsof¬† wolves I may need. Yet is is doable.

Why am i doing this? Just to max my own virtues. To have them all maxed before I step into Great River and then – to Rohan. And just to finish some regions, of course. Had to ask about virtues again – why did nobody advice me to equip Might-based ones? Well, looks like “virtues” are for defense only. A pity, I’d prefer offense ones.

Tried to fight in Tower of Orthanc (looks like tier 2). It was absolutely impossible. We had a group group, some 6 melee classes and rest – ranged ones. Of course, my lvl.75 toon was killed too many times and finally they asked me to log in Stormsong. Stormsong retraited to be healer, but once again every single challenge failed every time we took it. I had to leave, this instance is just impossible. To be possible, it needs (as most of higher lvl content) to be zerged. Enemy has 200.000 health? Ok, divide it by minimum amount of player’s health and you got exact number of players needed to attack monster + some to heal these. Yes, that would crush server…but it is the only way to survive.

I am pretty sure I won’t be entering Orthanc anymore. Too hard, too long and rewards are not that epic. Armour? I could do with lame second-hand armour I have…untill lvl.85.

Oh yes, we have Update 18 announced. Level 105, lowering some caps (nerfing?), new region. New grind, that is – nothing that could make feel excited with.

And so weekend has ended – almost good in Lotro.