Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz killed few Half-Orcs in Eregion, tried to turn in some task items (in vain, did not receive LI xp) and returned to Enedwaith.

Did one quest – use White hand banner, then talk to Saeradan, move with him to Old Woman hut, kill some stuff and drive Old Woman out. Also, some dailies…and yes, finally – Kindred with grumpy Algraig, men of Enedwaith! Purchased “Return to Enedwaith” thing.

No more evil dailies, just slaughter in the name of slaughter. Half-orcs are largely done, Cuthrauls – too. Only wood trolls remain, before I move to some other regions.

Yes, I need to look into my Virtues: max these, then move to Great River. Also, lvl.75 Rune – asked one kinnie, send materials…still no answer. Well, will get in anyway.

I do need to run Big Battles, to grind for Merit stars and medallions. Probably next week will resume it. Virtues, then Big battles. And only then – move to Great River, do almost everything…and finally, wellcome to Rohan.

And so the day has ended – quite nice in Lotro.