Lord of the rings online

Having very limited time – did Men of Dunland reputation deeds in Enedwaith, then resumed Elhudan and Cuthraul slayer (advanced)…and suddenly received advice from Kinship. Valuable advice on “virtues” usable by my red-line champion.

These are:

I equipped all of them, except Honour: had to kill some 200 Dunlendings in Eregion. It was very simple: went there, entered camp near river, killed all half-orcs and dunlendings. Hurray, Half-orc slayer deed advanced, Dunlending slayer deed (adv.) – complete, I could equip Honour.

I would probably finish some slayer deeds in Eregion (half-orcs, at least), then return to Enedwaith. Wood trolls, Elhudan, Half-orcs: these are thwe last I need to do. And then…then visiting old regions, doing slayer deeds and maxing up my virtues.

Meanwhile, as Stormsong, with others, helped kinnie with 16th Hall. I was of some use – dps’ed, resurrected, sometimes rushed into combat. Things were pretty nice, I even looted many valuable LI experience runes.

And so the day has ended – quite good in Lotro.