Lord of the rings online

Had very little time to play (real life intervened). Vytautaz continued his quests in Enedwaith. Grey company: Kindred reached. Algraig, men of Dunland: still lots of xp to go.

Doing same and same quests in Lhanuch, again and again. Kill half-orcs, kill half-ocs bosses, slaughter wargs, return for 1200 reputation each quest gives. After dailies – move to forest, killing trolls and lights (elhudans?). This slayer deed goes really slowly.

And then – move to another regions. First of all, I need to invest into Might-based “virtues”: Discipline, Fortitude, Valor.

Discipline: need ~5 advanced deeds by far.
Fortitude: need ~5 advanced deeds by far
Valor: need ~4 advanced deeds by far.

Then, would have to ask about other “virtues” – which ones to choose, which ones to advance.

Only then could I ask for some nice equipment (armour/jewellery) and enter Great River.