Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz has finally finished all deeds and non-repeatable quests in Dunland. I finally have lvl.75 two-handed sword, used some of LI xp runes to advance it to lvl.65. Bought 3 starlit crystals (42 gold) so that it become more powerfull.

Now is the time to be patient. Now is the time to grind almost every single deed and level up my “virtues”. Great River, Rohan – these would be a bit challenging.

I started from Enedwaith. Finished almost all non-secret slayer deeds. Now I have wood-trolls advanced and cuthraul slayer (advanced too). Also, build up some 19.000 reputation with Algraig, Men of Enedwaith.

Next, it would be checking all might-based “virtues”: need to max them up. Folks say, there are 3 of them…and then to max up remaining with mitigations. Equipment is to be considered too, but I am really bad with it. Jewellery is outdated, armour is outdated and quality armour requires Tower of Orthanc tier1 to be finished. Lucky for me, looted one Nadhin armour with 2 slots. It had more might, then I equipped physical mastery and critical rating, losing vitality.

Next days and weeks may not be too interesting: I would be just grinding virtues killing hundreds of enemies.But after then, when equipment and virtues would be ready – I move to Great River, finish all easy deeds here…and only then wellcome my favourite Rohan.

New adventures await, I just have to be patient.