Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz participated in the (ill-ended, no doubt) assault. Prince Theodred, the hope of Rohan, started attack on Isengard itself. Small force of Prince versus entire fortress. Of course, expedition ended in crushing defeat. There were too many Saruman’s troops, too little Rohirrim and almost no intelligence about enemy troops. What about – scouting from the damb of Isen? What about making a false attack and seeing enemy strenght?
And most of all: if attack was succesfull, how would Theodred face Saruman? What would he do with one of the most powerfull wizards?

Expedition ended in defeat, Prince was burried at nameless island. That’s what happens when one knows nothing of the strategy. When noobs declare themselves top strategists.

Vytautaz continued other quests. Killing wargs, goblins, latest quest was to travel to one pit and help local slaves (Dunlending+Rohirrim) to escape. I am also building reputation with Theodred’s riders – close to Kindred. Legendary items advance very quickly. Exploration deeds goes very  well.

Stormsong took part in Minas Tirith defense. We ended in gold medal (some monster lived for too long) – I got some worthless Essence of Parrying and few Merit stars. Not so bad. We were effective, despite lag.

Then Vytautaz tried to resume questing…only to face lag and freeze. Had to log off.

My goals are very clear: finish all non-repeatable quests in DUnland. Finish all deeds there. And then follow epic line to Lothlorien, Great River ansd Rohan. More adventures await, I feel happy with Lotro.