Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz continued his journey, doing quests for two Rohirrim camps. Some at one, some – at another, gaining reputation with Theodred’s riders. Great many quests, mostly killing evil Dunlendings. Kill Dunlending scouts, raiders, looters…finally, recover valuable Ale cascets. Then kill more Dunlendings, defend Rohirrim herald from Orcs and alike.

Finished Dunlending slayer (advanced) and greatly advanced my Legendary items. If I work on my toon, I will soon finish all slayer deeds. Also, achieved level 75, invested 2 trait points into Might increase (+52). Now I am investing into yellow line to get Raging Blade.

We ranted a bit in Kinship chat. I was lucky enough to help kinnie with some metal ingots. Also, one kinnie told one day he was asking for help and did not receive it quickly. A pity, I wasn’t there: I would always help anyone, especially with Minstrel. Minstrel can out-scream any monster, heal/self-heal and even cast protective bubbles. Well, now even new kinnies would know that.

And so the day has ended. Dunland is nice, also nice is I am using xp disabler up to Rohan. My questing and deeding goes very nice. Days are just bright in Lotro.