Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz: his imprisoment in Isengard ended. After some running backwards and frowards, setting fire to siege machines, killing Uruks – I was finally free. Finally, to surface. Reforged all weapons (now I have some 3 Lis, lvl.30, 1 – l lvl.40).  This I see as an advantage: almost all would be deconstructed at the same time.

Met Theodred. We ran to make revenge on traitorous Falcon Clan. I wish I could kill them all and burn their village. Unfortunately, I cannot – was satisfied with killing local champions and just warriors. Dunlending slayer deed goes just perfect, Crabain slayer (adv.) – goes good too. I made it a custom to kill, say, Orc or Crabain whenever I meet them.

Moved to Rohirrim camps. Many many quests, new taskboard items and need to gain Kindred with them (mostly – by task items).

Temporaly – unequipped Stone of Tortoise. Decided to reach lvl.75 and then re-equip Stone untill Rohan. No need to overgrow my favourite region too quickly. Right now, I am preparing for lvl.75: gathering LI stuff, levelling lvl.70s items. I would be more than ready when it would come to lvl.75 LIs.

So far I am satisfied with Dunland. It features interesting quests with local (well, sometimes a bit xenophobic) culture like “NN requires us to give wellcome to Duvodiad”. Of course, nothing could beat warm, green Rohan.

Now my task is very clear: gather all resolve, do everuy single deed in Dunland and when there is nothing left, move to Great River. New adventures await me and I feel really satisfied with Lotro.