Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz continued his journey. This time I followed epic quest line which followed through almost all Dunland. Help people of….as much as you can, then move to NPCs. Since I already helped them, – had to instantly move.

Lheu Brenin. This evil grumpy person first offered work, then just betrayed me. I wish I could burn that village, impale all its citizens and leave note: this is what happens to traitors of Vytautaz/Naktieskarys/Stormsong.

This did not happen and I became prisoner of Isengard. Somehow I am left with my armour and weapons, free to kill Uruks (and do uruk slayer deed). Other stuff- legendary “Kill 10 rats” quest, steal food for overseer, defeating several Orcs…Saruman does not see to the order in hsi own dungeons. Once again – same old quests. Go, carry weapons, kill Saruman’s champions (just because Overseer wants some fun in decimating his own army, you know…), clean kitchen, killr rats, session play Grima…

The only wish is to return to the surface, be free and avenge traitors. Throw out Isengard prisoner outfit. Continue slayer deeds (beast slayer is done, very generous deed). Finish Dunland with its slayer deeds as quickly as possible.

And then – at full speed to Great River. Do as many things as I can before moving to Rohan. Gree, inviting planes and nice towns await me there. Warsteed (and levelling it). Mounted bands of enemies. Hytbold armour. Everything is just nice there.

Meanwhile Kinship organized some 6-man Pelagir runs. I looted some supreme essences and lvl.100 FA symbols. Very nice, I do feel satisfied there: my Engineer is usefull, I typically guard the fountain (99% – without any damage to supplies). My only wish – to participate in 2-man runs, these are quicker and easier.

And so weekend has ended, very good one in Lotro.