Lord of the rings online

I usually avoid superlatives: our world is neither black nor white. It has many shades (yes, even 50 of grey).

Yesterday I ran into lvl.74. Was (almost) peacefully questing in Dunland: doing quests, levelling Legendary weapons, slaying Bugans. Well, Bugans count as Goblins, so I just had to farm one mine. Few runs – some 200 Bugans, slayer deed finished. I was killing cows, collecting some evidence, freeing prisoners, burning provisions, taking stolen food, even negotiating evil guys to release prisoners. Of course,they did not release.

Reached Kindred with Men of Dunland. Inventory bags are overflooded with task board items (usefull for LIs), crafting materials, morale/power potions, Legendary items.

And then lvl.74. Letter to arrive to Rohan. Well…I was in Dunland. I had Great River region. I had half of Dunland unfinished. And should I quest/deed – I would outgrow everything.

There was only one decision: to buy Stone of Tortoise. I think, it is the best Turbine store item. Disables xp from everything, but lets your Legendary weapons get their xp. Yes, it;s 100 Turbine points (would have to regrind one day). I am starting to remember my other toon used this stone. You level up too quickly in Lotro, so sometimes xp disabler is just the best thing to actually enjoy content.

Now, I am in very good position: I am strong enough to deal with mobs, my LIs are getting xp and I am staying at lvl.75 so that Rohan would soon wellcome me.

The things are just great in Lotro. Good content, no rush to lvl.100, just enjoying non-rush things.