Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz continued his journey in Dunland. Went to local bogs, killed some turtles, avancs, bees, collected pieces of mud (Turbine has strange addiction to mud/droppings). Killed one big named avanc. Did some other quests, finished deed “Quests in Starkmoors”. Now, all that remains – finish every single quest there and move to other regions of Dunland.

LI experience was just growing every single fight. One LI was deconstructed, so that I have two valuable runes.

Dunland is quite nice, except imprisoment in Isengard. Some slayer deeds are very easy, like Wild Beasts (most beasts counts in, be it Crabain or Warg). Hal;f-orcs or just orcs, Goblins may be harder.

I am moving closer to lvl.75, which  means Warsteed. I should consider buying Stone of Tortoise at lvl.74 maybe. All I need is LI xp, nothing more.

Anyway, so far I am enjoying DUnland. Easy slayer deeds, some interesting quests and finally – task board items.

The life in Lotro is good once again.