Lord of the rings online

Had very little time to play. Vytautaz went to Starkmoors in Dunland. Helped local farmer, killed many local monsters and even finished some exploration deeds.

And of course, the famous Auction where Falcon clan bids from 6 to 10…and Saruman (with his 2 grumpy bodyguards) always bids 5. Saruman wins, local NPC gets taken prisoner and it is up to some hero to save the day…Which leads to conclusion that in Isengard they count to 5…and then somehow have 1000 and 10.000. Perhabs 6 is “5 and 1″…or is it “many”?

Despite all things, I continued to kill and explore. Need to grind local reputation, first of all by task board items and slayer deeds. Wild beast slayer is so far the best: killing almost any animal counts. So if you kill Crabain or Warg – you do advance 2 slayer deeds. Goblins may be a bit problematic (not too much of them).

Bonevales remain as unsolved mystery, need to finiosh local exploration, finish local deeds and Dead slayer. A bit of work should I have free time (and I know I should).

Legendary item levelling is going very well. Deconstructed two lvl.60s, now advancing two lvl.30s and two baby (lvl.9). Following the advice of our leader – retraited my Champion. Now I am still red line, did not invest into Ebbing Ire, Harmstrung and Athletic. Instead, chose Second wind (blue line) and some other in yellow line. The goal is clear: Raging blades in yellow line.

And so short day has ended – very good in Lotro.