Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz continued journey in Dunland. Simple quest led me to that half-crazy Wizard with his obsession to have One Ring. Ring was my-her-made primitive one and finally I had to defeat wizard and bring some toys (looted from him?) back to one child. Then some slaying, I finished some basic deeds. Wargs and Crabain are most profitable: they count to their respective and Wild beast slayer deeds.

Quests in Galtrev are complete. Reputation – still some 40.000 to Kindred with Men of Dunland, but I loot enough task items. Now – visit other quests hubs, do all available quests and grind reputation.

The only problem – Bonevales quests. Somehow I could not find enough of them to finish deeds (exploration and questing).  Otherwise, things are going just good in Lotro.