Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz have finished all Enedwaith exploration deeds, advanced many slayer deeds – and moved to Dunland. First try was not succesfull: i got a solo instance to join brigands, of course refused, saved local Woman, Instance ended…and “Connection to server lost”. Relogged, only to find quest was corrupted: the local I was expected to find just wasn’t there.

Epic quest cancelled, returned to Dunland, re-took, from another direction. This time, I was lucky. I took all the quests, gained reputation while advancing slayer deeds. Killing Dead, slaying hostile Dunlendings, trying to explore. Used task board to easy reputation grind (Mirkwood, Enedwaith have no task boards).

So far I am enoying Dunland content. Except Goblins, there are plenty of enemies to kill. There is some story (even if it would end in Isengard prison). And from Dunland/Great River – no cursed droppings!  Of course, memories help me – I do remember I would have to do this and that. Slayer deeds are easy in Dunland (no Gwibbers/Giants!).

Of course, I would finish Enedwaith reputations – Algraig, Grey COmpany – get some 100 Turbine points. At later levels (100?) would return at finish Gwibber/Giant slayer.

I am satisfied with my activity. Things are just good in Lotro.