Lord of the rings online

Deeds in Moria-Mirkwood finished – moved to Enedwaith. Land of spirit animals, goats and once again – droppings. Turbine has a strange taste for animal droppings. Collect ones in Moria and receive petrified dropping as reward. Collect boar droppings in Enedwaith…a bit disgusting.

FInished some slayer deeds in Eregion: would have to return later.

Anyway, questing in Enedwaith went good. Once again, I employ “kill as you go” strategy. Met group of deedable monsters – exterminate them. If you travel by foot, kill all deedable monsters you see. This really helped me to advance some deeds.

Some quests were easier for me – I knew what to expect and this time paid more attention to details. Not to rush, just trying to enjoy content, do all doable deeds. I have nowhere to rush to: my Epic quest would end on impossible to enter Ost Giliath and then, to (boring) dailies of Dol Amroth.

Participated in Pelagir runs, we are once again very active with them. My Engineer was effective, we got platinium every single time.

Overall – the days have been very good in Lotro. Looking forward for more fun.