Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz went to Mirkwood and managed to finish Warg slayer (advanced). Also, cancelled two quests in Dol Guldur dungeons. Now, some slayer deeds to finish – and forwards to Enedwaith-Dunland!

Stormsong went to Pelagir 6-man. I was effective with traps and catapults. Also, we tried to “mine” entrance near fountain, putting many Bear traps. Poor monsters had almost zero chance. Finally, platinium reward and lvl.100 First age symbol (as well as Great essence of Fate). Then – Ost Elendil run, not platinium – and I got Anfalas crystal! Superb loot, would save me 400-500 Merit stars. Next run we finished OE with platinium…yet no Anfalas for me, only money and some second-handed equipment.

I was satisfied with the runs. We were effective, loot was good and everything went superb. The day has been very good in Lotro.