Lord of the rings online

Finally, Vytautaz has finished with grumpy, dark Moria. Endless dark mazes, full of traps and maps that are almost of no use – are over. Kinship was kind enough to help me with epic too – so even the Epic is done there. The last deed was Wolf hunting (and riddles too…). Now, only instance deeds remain, but these can really wait.

I was sent to Haldir, did 2 Lothlorien dailies…and hurray, Kindred with elves of Lothlorien. I became “Ambassador of Elves”, more Turbine points and new horse with white flag.

And then I understood I did not know where to go to. I could follow Volume I epic and go to Forochel. I could return to Mirkwood, then start Great River. Or I could just revisit old regions and finish grindy slayer deeds there. One kinnie adviced finishing Mirkwood (and gaining xp…), then move to Dunland (and so – to Enedwaith). Perhabs I would do so.

The day has been quite good, I am ready for more adventures (and TPs…).