Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was active in Moria. Finished Reflections deed, running throughout all regions, talking to NPCs. Slayer deeds were kind of good: finished Deep Claws (one ancient library was a perfect source for these), Grodbog, Morroval…

…and then first problems. One lvl.100 Runekeeper, hunting for Morrovals. We competed, but I had to do Warg slayer, then – Worm slayer and Dragonet slayer…so for a short time everything went good.

Then came the dragonets. Advanced slayer deed, 240 of them. I went almost downstairs, where the were some groups of dragonets and started killing. For some time things were going great. And then Runekeeper came. He killed almost everything with very little chance for me even to attack mobs. Then, he stayed there, we had to engage in unequal competition. At the same time, there were some Dragonets just 1 level above. But no, lvl.100 just had to hunt at the same place where I hunted. I felt it was hopeless, complained to Kin…and this Runekeeper started to behave strangely. For some time he did not react to any Dragonets even when he saw me. Buffed me. Then my kinnie arrived, talked to him…and runekeeper left, blaming things on me.

Yes, I was to blame. Why I did not ask. Why he was stalking me – maybe I was to blame too. Fortunately, I was able (with great help from kinnie, lvl.100 Champion) to finish evil Dragonets.

Name police intervened telling my nick was not ok since “it is about living person”. Oh, smart guys, then please report JOHN Brackenbrook, because we have many many real-life Johns. Due to these guys, I am turning World chat off. No more newbies would get my help – they may thank name police volunteers.

Later, there was run time. Vile Maw, Filikul for my lvl.69 Champion. I survived which was the wonder, got some TPs. Then – Pelagir 6-man, I was an Engineer, placed traps, fired catapults and earned lots of merit stars (yay!). Then, we ran Roots of Fangorn tier2, I logged Stormsong, switched to healer and spammed heals (looks like helped). Once again, another TPs.

We joked about lower levels–>lover levels, then ranted about tentacle [hentai] and I remarked – do not tell your wife uou aided level 69…Had pretty much laugh…

My journey in Moria comes to and end. Worm, Troll and Warg slayer deeds remaining, instances too (but I care little about instances). Kinship was very helpfull to me once again. What happens then? Not too sure, maybe Eregion – finish all deeds, then possibly resume Mirkwood.

And hello, Enedwaith/Dunland.