Lord of the rings online

Lothlorien slayer deeds finished (poor lizards!), Lothlorien meta-deeds finished too.  It was time to move to Moria. Yes, grumpy Moria to finish some deeds.

Started with basic: exploration and quests in certain regions. Wiki was of big help once again. Find some locations in Redhorn Lodes. Finish some quests in other location. Some quests and deeds were almost auto-finished.

It is slayer deeds than bother me most. Nameless slayer deed is kind of doable: lots of them in Redhorn Lodes, along with spiders. One just needs to find one location and farm poor monsters. Globsnaga, Grodbog are a bit problematic: no big groups. And then,we have Wargs, Dragonets, Trolls. Dragonets are just in one location. Not sure where to farm for Wargs and trolls, except instances. However, I would farm and farm untill all non-instance deeds are finished.

One good news: opened Lootbox, found 5 Slayer and skill deed accelerators (plus one wortheless bracelet). Maybe I should open these boxes, if I have extra key.

I have two exploration points to find…and then mindless slaughter of Nameless, Globsnaga, Spiders, Gredbyg, Wargs, Trolls, evil Dragonets. Hope I would deal with them. Then – finish Epic quest in Moria…and move to Enedwaith.

And so the day has ended – quite good in Lotro.