Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz did one quest in Mirkwood with nice reward:legacy of Might. Just the right thing for my Champion, since I cannot have too much of it… Then, it was time to move to Lothlorien.

One quest in Cerin Amroth. One quest about Sigeleth’s knives. Some nice rewards, LI growing up…and moving up to daily quests. Did few of them, most enemies were grey – thanks to God, no xp. Some were green and were too bold to attack me. Rest of the evening was spent killing Shrews. Managed to kill 140, only 100 remaining…and deeds in Lothlorien (realistic ones) are done. I would be free to leave this region and maybe go for Moria, to finish some slayer deeds.

Kinship organized Pelagir run, almost special for me. Stormsong switched to Vanguard. I know nothing how to play Vanguard, except “get 20 kills, use Stun skill on named monster”. Anyway, kinnies let me get kills, we were quick and victorious.

I really enjoyed this day. Yes, rewards from Pelagir (for me) were bit lame, but all that matters are medallions and merit stars. And the fact I managed to be usefull as Vanguard.

And so the day has ended, quite good in Lotro. Soon, Lothlorien would be finished and it would be up to me to finish Mirkwood deeds. Then – hello, Enedwaith and Epic quest in DUnland – questing between two dawns (yes, dear Saruman, there would be dawn for Men…).