Lord of the rings online

It was February 16, Independence day in Lithuania – celebrated, therefore no posts there.

Vytautaz quested in Mirkwood, from one quest hub to another. Employing “Kill as you see them” strategy: if you see rare monsters in groups, stops and kill as much as you can.

Mazog in epic is no more. Failed rescue operation, then some preparations, finally – Mazog killed. Yes, the things are looking quite nice.

Finished explorer deeds. Also, finished some slayer deeds. Wargs, undead, sorcerors are still to be done. Some quests are “lost” for me (all thanks goes to too many repeatables). Not sure about the epic – now it’s just empty, only 1 letter to go to Dunland (what about Enedwaith then?). And yes, finally done class deed + reached lvl.69. Two trait points in a row. An end to senseless “don’t need that skill, but have to use it anyway” things.

Levelling is a bit too fast, even if I do skirmishes at lvl.60. The only good thing – Legendary items advancing fast. I also have to finish Mines of Moria book, doing few more quests.

Things are going kind of good. Few more days, I will finish all deeds in Mirkwood. Then could finish things in Lothlorien. Then – epic in Moria. And after Moria – Enedwaith + Dunland.

Kinship is active, it is me that sometimes does not get into Pelagir train. I want to leave grumpy Mirkwood as soon as possible.

And so the day has ended, I felt quite happy in Lotro.