Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz quested in Mirkwood. Killing almost every single Warg, just because it is profitable (counts towards beasts and warg slayer deeds). Tried to kill every single Sorcerer/Spirit – they are rare and later may cause some problems.

Had to ask Kin help to destroy one Orc general with 63.000 health. A Loremaster came to aid. First, I was killed, then LM’s pet, and finally Loremaster was trumphant. Yet another blow to the Champion: he is good for almost nothing.

Slayer deeds are going good. Beast slayer (advanced) is completed, Orc slayer (advanced) would auto-complete. Sorceror, Dead and spider slayers may be a bit…problematic, but I would do it.

I do remember some quests, errors I made when encountered them and solutions. Some quests are new for me (or I have forgotten them).

And now, some calculation about Mirkwood: Mirkwood value in TPs:
Slayer deeds: 90exploration:    25
quests:           35
reputation:     40. Total value: 190 Turbine points.

Not so huge return of investment for 695 TPs.

Another news: purchased additional inventory and shared storage upgrade, since we had discounts. yay, can carry more!

And so weekend has ended, quite nice in Lotro. I am still ir Mirkwood, doing many many quests, playing skirmishes (they are soloable…at least when you arr lvl.65 and skirmish is lvl.60…).