Lord of the rings online

Questing in Mirkwood again, running from one quest hub to another.  Employing policy to kill some monsters wherever I meet them. In Mirkwood, the only profitable monster is Warg. Killing it counts as “Beast slayer” and “Warg slayer”. So far the easiest deed is Orc slayer: Sauron supplies enough of these.

I managed to finish 30 quests in Mirkwood, earning another title and another TPs, while reaching lvl.66. Of course, am concerned with last two class deeds: use Horn of Gondor and Sprint. This will give 2 trait points.

So far Mirkwood is not too grumpy: I can kill monsters quite easily, I do not rush too much and do care about killing monsters. With some attention I could finish slayer deeds in short period of time.

What happens after Mirkwood? Choosing some region to farm and some region to outlevel. Either Great River – Rohan or Enedwaith-Dunland (besides, epic does redirect to Dunland). Enedwaith is lvl.65, Great River is lvl.70.

Had to log off…and later all the evening had “Installing Pre-Reqs…” forever. Tried to google, maybe someone else had this problem…no one had. For the rest of the day, no Lotro.

And so the day has ended, quite nice in Lotro.