Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz finished Orc slayer (advanced) in Lothlorien, also finished Beast slayer – and after some asking moved to Mirkwood.

Grumpy, dark Mirkwood. Elf expedition which ended into assault on fortress. I was killed during assault (mob somehow focused on me and I had no bubbles/self heals). Ran backwards, enroute I understood Elves finished the battle. Expedition quests ended, some TPs received.

The I started some Mirkwood proper quests. Kill Orc scouts, kill some Crabain, plant flag…nothing too interesting, just slaughter deeds. Still, I get very little xp (enemies are some lvl.61, I am lvl.65), the only income of xp are quests. Checked barterers – no good armour for my champion.

Still doing two class deeds: use Sprint and Horn of Gondor. Each has limit per day, each finishes class deed (+1 Trait point). More trait points – more powerfull Champion.

Overall – the day has been a success. Must finish Mirkwood, then maybe some slaughter in Enedwaith and rush to Great River.