Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was active in Lothlorien. Now I am a bit stuck: reputation with local Elves is some 14.000 xp short to Kindred. Orc slayer (advanced) not done, Beast slayer almost done and Beast slayer (advanced) is to be done. Still lack 100 orcs and some 243 beasts.

Beasts are a problem, since there are protected and non-protected. Protected can’t be hunted. Lizards, wargs, bears are all non-protected and can freely be hunted. Orcs are no problem, too many of them. Kindred with locals means doing same and same quests every single day (no task board in Lothlorien).

Levelling my Legendary 2-handed sword is still a problem. First of all, I do miss big dps. My weapon can do maximum 300 hp damage, while critical/devastating hit sometimes goes up to 1000 (top record, though). And enemies tend to go in groups – something my red line Champion is not made for. Still do not have lvl.65 legendary rune – if it is Scholar that makes it, would have to barter lvl.65 First age symbol.

In short, things are going good. The only question is: where should I go after Lothlorien? Mirkwood (grumpy forest) or Enedwaith-Dunland? Wherever I go, I will outlevel other regions.

“The choice is yours, commander” (Dune)