Lord of the rings online

Had onyl few hours to play. Asked for help, one Kinship lvl.81 Minstrel responded. It was an easy run: Minstrel nuked anything, self-healed and buffed me. One time I spoiled things, by jumping to main Morroval too early. Was killed too easily, but Minstrel nuked everything. Later, I was resurrected and one chapter was finished. I dislike Lumul-nar with all these impossible-to-remember mirrors and instand Morroval defilers. Would do it once and probably forget.

My 2-handed sword looks spectacular, yet damage is not so impressive. Maybe because it’s still lvl. 42/60? Some 1000 damage is goodm, but not enough.

We talked in Kin chat about Hobbitses, sometimes ranted in World chat about good guy – Sauron and evil Hobbitses.

In short, things are going good so far. I need to grind slayer deeds in Lothlorien, to get Kindred with local Elves. Then – some options. Either Volume I and Forochel, either Volume II and Dunland…or just finishing somne unfinished deeds in other regions.

So the day has ended – quite good in Lotro.