Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz was active. TYried to quest in Moria, but no results. Epic quest line, attack Nala-dum (morroval instanmce), SOLO version. Enemies were weak,I could solo all of them…but mirrors were absolutely impossible. All forums full of reports that solo instance is bugged. I tried and tried and tried: no reliable guides, since it is multi-levelled maze. If there are only 10 mirrors (that need to be re-aligned), we could have at least 10.000 possible combination. So, if 1 mirror can be turned 4 times, we have combinations from to At least 10.000. If each combination takes only 2 minutes – then, only 5000 minutes. 83 days. Oh, and guides…many thousands of youtube, too many days of studying. Not sure which would take longer. And this is – solo. Nobody ever did it solo, at least in World/Kin chat nobody responded. I would have to ask for assistance: get as many lvl.100s to do job for me and finish this cursed instance.

To reach lvl.65, I went to Lothlorien. Did almost every single quest, except some non-impressive repeatbles. Explored Lothlorien, explored City of Lord and Lady. Finished Orc slayer deed, now working on slayer deed (advanced). Gained access to local town and am on my way to Kindre with local Elves.

And finally, it was lvl.65. Logged in Naktieskarys, crafted lvl.65 two-handed sword. Equipped one looted crossbow. LI – looks quite good, I got legacy to increase critical rating chance, maxed DPS. Deconstructed all other trash LIs. Now, I am ready to advance further trash LIs and my own 2-handed. Also, would have to craft legendary rune. The only thing is armour, yet I can’t find any suitable. Even crafted one is lame, School/Library/Sambrog runs gives nothing good. Only equipment with unneeded things like Evade, Parry. I do not need evasion, I do need attack.

Ahelissa did Frostbluff dailies. All other toons were inactive (and Frostbluff ends on Febb.10).

And so weekend has ended – quite good in Lotro.