Lord of the rings online

Only Vytautaz was active. This time I moved to the surface, Dwarf-Elf camp outside Moria. Yes, fresh sky, the sun – what could be better than that after dark, grumpy corridors of Moria?

Did almost all quests in starting camp. Go there, kill that, plant banners, plant flowers. Orc slaying went perfect: in short time I killed some 112 out of 120 these creatures, and this is without trying too hard. Reached lvl.63 and closing to receiving few trait points.

Question about lvl.65 still stands. Lothlorien quests are nice, rewards sometimes are good (LI experience runes), but still not enough. In Moria I do have some regions, but typically lvl.59-60. Equipment is still lame, no chance to get quality one. Either crafted one, or use any rags untill Hytbold.

World chat was full of name police talks, one player blamed Lotro as bad game (why play then?) etc. Someone asked for lvl.50s-60s instance, but I was too tired to do it.

In short – day was good, I am close to lvl.65 and ready to be equipped adequately.